winter to spring nail polish favorites

transition from winter to spring nail polish favorites

transition from winter to spring nail polish favorites

I will admit…I spend a lot of money on nail polish. It’s a great way to add a little personality to your look, when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. Whenever I go to a drug store or a beauty store, I always look through the polishes and I just cannot help myself – I have to get at least one.

We’re in that time frame between winter and spring, so I have been transitioning from my deep, darker colors to lighter, softer colors. We’ve still got six weeks (or I guess five now!) of winter, so I feel a bit awkward wearing the really bright colors. These five colors are the ones I have been rotating through during the transition of winter to spring:

essie’s wrap me up – I bought this while waiting in line at the drug store…it was staring me right at the face and I had to buy it. It’s this really soft pink color with a soft matte finish. In order to keep that finish, I didn’t use a top coat. It lasted about a week without a top coat, so I would love to see how it would look with a matte top coat. It’s such a great sophisticated color!

formula x’s white matter – This polish, to me, is the perfect shade of white. White nail polish is so beautiful! I got so many compliments on this one. It’s long lasting and I loved the formula. Stark white is a perfect winter and spring (and I would even wear it in the summer) color, so this would definitely end up being a nail polish staple.

julep’s martha – I love pink, and this is the perfect blushy pink shade. I’ve been on this pastel, nude-ish kick, so this a nice color that adds a hint of color without it being super bright. When I first put it on, I didn’t realize how pink it was going to be – I was expecting more of a blush color, but it was more pastel and I ended up loving it. It is a little difficult to apply (most light colors are!), so be careful to not add too much polish at once.

julep’s coco – This is my go-to oxblood color. Oxblood was really in for the winter and it is still a great color to wear now. It’s such a classic color and a nice alternative to the bright classic red. Anytime I wear it, I feel like I should be sitting in a bath, eating macaroons.

julep’s jillian – I love this color, which is a deep reddish purple color with gold shimmer. It’s a fun alternative to the deep berry colors, because of the little shimmer.  It looks like bronze in the tube, but it definitely has a red/purple eggplant base. One thing I love about colors with a bit of shimmer is that you can be a little messy when you’re applying it because it hides those streaks real well.

There you have it – my favorite colors to bring you from winter to spring. What colors have you been wearing? I’m always looking for some good new nail polishes!

til next time, xo!

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  1. October 21, 2015 / 9:52 am

    Great post! Your blog is so gorgeous <3 I absolutely love the packaging of the white polish, I am definitely going to try that one out!!! We've done a Spring Nail Polish post on our blog too, please check it out if you get the chance 🙂 xoxo

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