wet n wild’s ice dragon vs fire dragon collection (swatches and review)

wet n wild fire dragon ice dragon collection swatches review

Wet N Wild recently released their Ice Dragon vs Fire Dragon collection and I immediately jumped on it when it was released on their website. Some of the names make it obvious that they were inspired by Game of Thrones and it was one of the major selling points for me. Wet N Wild is a pretty affordable makeup brand, so it didn't hurt my wallet too much picking up some of the items.

I ordered all 4 eyeshadow quads ($2.99 ea), 1 highlighter ($4.99) and 1 bronzer ($4.99) from the Wet N Wild Beauty website, which at the time was the only place to buy items individually. I'm not too big on the liquid lipstick trend, so I didn't purchase any of those. I've been playing around with everything for over a week now and I have some...thoughts. Let's jump in to the swatches and review.

swatches and reviews

wet n wild fire dragon ice dragon swatches
Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad The Night's Quad: I actually liked this palette, except for one little issue: there is glitter in the matte black shade. Not the biggest fan of that, but I think they worked well. The black wasn't highly pigmented and I was grateful for that. I did use both the black and transition shade in my crease because the black was just a little too much. One thing that is consistent throughout all 4 quads is a matte brown transition shades (the undertones are slightly different and some are darker than others). There is a lot of kickback with these shades, but I didn't find any that were bad. The silver shade though...that was stunning. I applied it with a brush and holy reflect. Really solid palette and great for an ice-y smokey eye. Final Rating: 3.5/5
Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad Mythicool Creatures: I wanted this to work so much. The purple shade in the palette looks stunning in the palette but is nowhere to be seen when you apply it to your eyes. I tried everything I could think of to build it up and...nothing. I was really bummed out by this palette. Final Rating: 1/5
Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad Fit for a Queen Color: This was the first palette I was drawn to, mainly for the red and gold shades. This performed pretty well, though it took a bit of building up. I didn't have issues with the eyeshadow not building on itself.  This also gives me a bit of ABH Modern Renaissance vibes, so if you have that palette, this is a skippable palette. Final Rating: 4/5
Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in Dragon Scales: The second "Fire Dragon" eyeshadow palette leaves something to be desired, as well. As a drugstore brand, I'm not expecting a ton of pigmentation, but the eyelid color basically would not show up at all (just like the one from the Mythicool Creatures quad). I love the color story with the army green and both of the green shades were duds for me. The transition and brow bone colors worked well, but they're not unique shades for me to keep this one in my collection. Final Rating: 2/5
Wet N Wild Fire Dragon Ice Dragon Bronzer Highlight

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Winter Falls in LA: This is my absolute favorite thing from this collection. It is a white highlight with a stunning blue shift. It's over the top (which I like) and the formula is nice. Final rating: 4.5/5

Color Icon Bronzer in You're Dragon Me Down: This is a nice warm matte bronzer, not totally special. It applied nicely, but a tad too warm for me. I think it's good for it's price point, but an easy skip if you already have warm matte bronzers in your collection. Final rating: 3/5

final thoughts

I wasn't expecting too much out of these products and I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of things. The real duds are the Mythicool Creatures and Dragon Scales quads. If you're looking to purchase the other two quads, the transition shades are pretty identical, so you're only really choosing between 2 sets of 3 shadows. I don't think you need both, unless you lack those colors from your collection. I would highly recommend the highlighter - I love the shift and color, which is pretty unique in my collection.

If you're interested in picking up any of these items, you can head to Wet N Wild's website to pick up individual items or the collection bundle.

What did you think of this Wet N Wild Beauty collection? What have you picked up from the brand recently that should be on my radar?

'til next time, xo

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