wardrobe: h&m, otherwise known as my obsession with online shopping

online shopping at h&m

Oh yes, I do shop online too much for my own good. It also doesn’t help if you sign up for all those email newsletters and get the deals sent straight to your phone. So, I thought for my next post on my wardrobe series, I would feature a shop that is both affordable and stylish – h&m.

If you’ve never been inside a physical h&m shop, it’s basically a huge store with just about every style you could think of: preppy, sporty, flirty, festival-y, you name it, they got it. However, if you’re like me and the thought of combing every rack for something you would like scares you, never fear! Online shopping is here! I am a huge proponent of online shopping, because (1) it’s easy, (2) there’s more sizes online, and (3) I could do it from the comfort of my bed, without doing my makeup.

Whenever I shop online, I tend to be more reserved and pick pieces I know looks good with my body shape. I’m all about them circle skirts and flowy dresses. Plus, I stick to patterns that could pair well with basic white, grey, or black tees. I’m such a neutrals kind of girl, but I do like to pick up some fun colors (usually pink or blue…sometimes both!).

Some tips for online shopping:

  1. Sort by your size. Nothing hurts worse than finding something you love, only to find out they don’t have it in stock. If you’re picky about color, most shops have that sort feature as well!
  2. Have a game plan! If you aimlessly add things to your basket, you’ll find you’ve racked up a huge total, really quick. By knowing what you’re shopping for, you’ll avoid adding in those items you thought were sort of cute, but not a 100% sure you’d wear.
  3. Set a budget. Unless you could afford to spend hundreds on clothes, setting a budget for yourself helps you keep your clothing expenses at a minimum.
  4. Review your cart. If you spend hours shopping online, you might have some items that are really similar or you’ve fallen out of love while sitting in your cart. Always have a review before you pay.
  5. If they’ve got it, sign up for their rewards card (they’re usually free) to earn points on purchases, especially for shops you think you’ll be returning to.
  6. Read up on their return policy. Most shops have great policies (like free shipping back or you could return it to their physical location), but it’s great to read up on them because you never know how well something will fit unless you’ve tried them before. Along the same lines, keep the tags on until after you’ve tried them and know you want to keep it.
  7. Finally, have fun! It’s just like shopping, but without all the pressure.

Here are my picks from H&M:

01. sleeveless tie blouse | 02. wide-cut top | 03. patterned dress | 04. textured skirt | 05. patterned skirt | 06. twill shorts high waist | 07. chiffon cardigan

Do you shop online? Where’s your favorite online shop?

’til next time, xo!


  1. Suzie
    September 24, 2015 / 2:39 am

    Hi Jamie! I commented on a post from forever ago on your old blog about a pair of Rivet & Sway glasses you had/have. Do you still have them? I had the same pair but they recently broke. I am having a low-key identity crisis without them but Rivet & Sway has long been shut down. I know I sound crazy but I desperately would like to purchase them from you if that is possible. So sorry for requesting here, and thanks for your time. On a more relevant note, I love H&M too and those are some good online shopping tips.


    • Jamie
      September 26, 2015 / 2:42 am

      Hey Suzie! I’m sorry, I just saw this!

      You could actually pick up the pair from glasses.com, thought it’s not in the same color. Glasses.com still stocks Rivet & Sway, so they have new styles and everything.

      I actually don’t know where my pair went – it’s an older prescription and so I just never replaced the lenses, so it’s probably in a box somewhere after I moved. But definitely give glasses.com a try. I’ve used them couple of times and I loved it!

      • Suzie
        September 28, 2015 / 11:10 pm

        Oh yes, that’s a great site. I’ve browsed glasses.com’s Rivet & Sway section but unfortunately the only colors available would be unflattering on my face. I’m not sure if they ever add/remove colors (I have a feeling they don’t) but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the pair I had in that color – I believe it’s a Maraschino Cherry tortoise. Thank you for your response, I do appreciate it! If yours ever turn up and you’re willing to sell, let me know of course. Looks like I’ll be continuing my hunt.

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