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smuggler's bounty | jabba's palace | funko

There is just something about subscription boxes that I love, but when they are Star Wars themed, I am over the moon for them. A few weeks ago, I received the smuggler’s bounty (the Funko Star Wars box) in the mail and I am super excited to share the goodies inside.

The theme was jabba’s palace, so you are going to be seeing items that align with things we have seen there. Let’s get into what’s in the box!

smuggler's bounty jabba's palace patch and pin

With every box, you get a patch and a pin and this month was nothing different. The pin features a Gamorrean, while the patch features a familiar face (or maybe mask?) to some.


As for the rest of the box, we see a bunch of different items (and a few new lines from Funko!). Overall, I’m pleased with this box.


One of the first things you’ll notice is the traditional shirt you get is replaced by a new hat! This is a part of their pop! tops collection, and this is the first star wars one created! I’m not one to normally rock hats, but in the sun, this might be a fun change in wardrobe. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me!


Also new is the plush line! This is the first one being released to customers, and I think Boba Fett looks super cool. My dog did think it was a new toy for her, though…


And what would a Jabba’s Palace box be without the man himself? I was expecting a Pop!, but I’m super excited to have this mug. If there is one thing that I collect beside Pop! figures, it’s mugs. A lot of mugs. This will go well with the C3PO mug we received a few boxes back (I believe it was the Resistance box).


Last, but certainly not least, is a R2-D2 Pop! I think this one looks super cool and the detail on this one is amazing. This is an exclusive (like everything in the box), and my first R2-D2.

Overall, I am pleased with this box. I just love that there are new items in here and I’m super, super excited for the next box, death star. Give me a fun Vader Pop!

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