review: benefit cosmetics bad gal bang mascara

benefit bad gal bang mascara
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Mascara is easily the product I am the most picky about. I have stick straight, short lashes, so I’m always looking for length and volume to even give me a semblance of nice lashes. One of the most hyped up products of 2018 has to be Benefit Cosmetics’ bad gal bang mascara. Because of all the hype, I wanted to try it for myself to see if it lived up to it’s claims.


Right off the bat, the mascara wand holds onto a ton of product. That being said, it’s best to brush your lashes through without wiggling the wand. If you do, you’ll deposit a bit too much product and your lashes will clump together. You’ll notice that it adds a bit of length, but it’s not much different than my normal lashes. I didn’t find it very volumizing, despite its claims. It does flake a bit, and you’ll see a bit of it below my eye.

benefit bad gal bang before review

with two coats of bad gal bang mascara on the right eye (apologies for my super unkempt brows!)


This mascara claims to have 36 hour wear, but it’s not waterproof, so I was pretty wary of the claim. Though I would never wear mascara for that long, but I’m always looking for a mascara that will last all day without giving me the dreaded panda eye. However, this one doesn’t pass the test. In the photo, it might be a bit difficult to see, but the mascara seriously transferred on my undereyes. There was still mascara on my lashes, but I haven’t had a time where it didn’t transfer. Considering one of its claims is that it’s transfer-proof, I’m disappointed with how it looks after a regular day of work for me.

benefit bad gal bang after review

after 12 hours of wear on both eyes and a full face of makeup


I’m a bit disappointed with this product and it’s such a bummer since I love the roller lash and it’s real mascaras from Benefit. With the amount of hype surrounding this product, I was hoping for more out of this product. As someone who never wears falsies, a good long-lasting mascara would be a godsend. Unfortunately, Benefit missed their mark with this one.

What are your thoughts on the mascara? What mascaras would you recommend I try?

’til next time, xo!

benefit bad gal bang mascara review
Ease of Use
Adds length
Not transfer-proof
Not very volumizing
Difficult application and can be clumpy
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