new makeup: sephora vib sale haul 2017 (plus random goodies)

new makeup: sephora vib sale haul 2017 (plus random goodies)

After not buying a lot of makeup from Sephora over the past couple of months, I waited (impatiently) for the new sale. I was adding a bunch of things into my cart online, but I actually ended up going into store so I could snag the free tote as well. Also, since I’m a VIB Rouge, I had two weekends to shop (so I also made an order online). Let’s take a look at what I purchased during the Sephora VIB sale.

I actually surprised myself by not buying a whole lot during this time around, but I did take my time to walk through the aisles, looking for things to buy. Despite this being one of the best times to pick up everything, I restrained myself and picked up only things that I really wanted.

I steered away from limited edition holiday palettes (after spending a ton on them last year and ended up using it a few times), but I really wanted to get one of huda beauty’s obsessions eyeshadow palette. I opted for the smokey palette because I feel like a ton of warm and red eyeshadows, but I really wanted a more neutral palette. I actually was surprised with how small the palette was, but the pan sizes are pretty nice and it makes it so much easier to travel with.

Other makeup bits I picked up were the fenty beauty gloss bombhourglass confession refillable lipstick set, and a mini version of the hourglass ambient lighting bronzer in radiant bronze light. I am such a lipstick junkie, so there would be at least one sort of lip products. After hearing good reviews of the Gloss Bomb, I knew that I had to pick it up (and I’m not even a lip gloss girl). As for the other products, Hourglass is known for being quite expensive, so there is no better time to pick them up.

For a skincare pickup, I was running low on my glossier milky jelly cleanser so I had to pick up a new daily cleanser. After looking at my options, I opted for the first aid beauty face cleanser, which I tried in a sample size and liked.

If you read my what you should buy in the sephora vib sale, you would have seen one of the things to pick up is perfume. I combed through Sephora on scents that I think I would like and landed on a 5 piece set from nest (which is now out of stock). Each of the scents sounded right up my alley and it was a pretty good deal with the extra 20% off.

I also wanted to throw in two items I picked up from Ulta during a Platinum Sneak Peek. I am actually kind of proud that I didn’t re-up my Platinum Status (yet) at Ulta, because I feel like I’m being more mindful of my shopping habits. But that’s beside the point…I picked up one of the l’oreal x balmain lipsticks in domination and one of the stila shimmer & glow liquid eyeshadow in cloud. I’ve heard such great things about the Stila liquid eyeshadows but I don’t really like glitter all too much, so when I found out they were doing a formula without the glitter so I was like, “sign me up!” And of course, had to pick up one of the Balmain lipsticks because the packaging is so beautiful and I was able to use a 20% off coupon so I wasn’t breaking the bank.

Whew…even though I didn’t pick up too much, I am very satisfied with my purchases. What did you pick up during the Sephora VIB Sale?

’til next time, xo!

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