natasha denona cranberry palette (swatches & review)

natasha denona cranberry palette review
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Despite the fact that it’s only October, many of holiday collections have been released well ahead of the holiday season. This year, we’re seeing 4 new palettes from Natasha Denona: the safari palette, the gold palette, the cranberry palette, and the mini star palette. While the safari and gold palettes are a bit more on the expensive side (okay, at $129 a pop…really on the expensive side), the cranberry and mini star palettes are bit on the more manageable side at $49 and $25, respectively. Today, I’ll be reviewing the cranberry palette, which features 5 shadows with a variety of textures.


natasha denona cranberry swatches

The five shades in this palette are:

  • daisy – cool pink with a metallic finish
  • sakura – warm magenta with a matte finish
  • botanic – golden coral with a metallic finish
  • blossom – deep eggplant with a matte finish
  • nude – sheer rosy beige with a sparkling finish


I’ve only had one other Natasha Denona palette before this (the lila palette), so I had a bit of an idea of how her shadows perform. I wasn’t expecting ABH levels of pigmentation (meaning, it would be so so pigmented at the jump), but I was expecting it to have slightly more pigment when I started using it. It was on the sheer side and the pan color wasn’t an accurate representation of the color payoff. While it being sheer meant that it was a bit easier to work with, I found that it took me 10 minutes of applying one color before I got to the color payoff I was looking for.

The two mattes, sakura and blossom, while they looked dark in the pan, came out lighter (and sheerer) than expected. While it makes using such bold colors a bit easier, it just never got to those dark vampy colors in the pan.

As for the shimmers, they look so beautiful when you swatch them on your arm. However, I tried using these on my eyes and did not find they looked anything close to their swatches. I found that there wasn’t enough base pigment, so it ended up looking like dispersed glitter. While that might not be bad, I really was let down by how (again) sheer it was. I tried layering the shimmers over sakura and blossom, but found that didn’t help much.

That being said, the sheerness may make this palette good for people who want to experiment with color, but want it to be wearable at the same time. They don’t perform terribly and are workable. For someone who has a lot of eyeshadow in their collection, like myself, I find that I wouldn’t need this.

color selection

Despite this only being a 5-pan palette, the color selection is quite nice and great for the fall and winter seasons. Each of the colors work well with each other and you could get quite a few looks out of the palette. Like most of the Natasha Denona 5-pan palettes, there is a theme and this palette is no different. I think it’s a good selection of colors for fall and winter. I like the cohesion of the palette and that is strays away from the neutral shadows that have been dominating the market.

natasha denona cranberry palette shades

final thoughts

For $49, I was expecting to be blown away with these colors. While they are unique, because the shades are more on the sheerer side, I could find similar colors in my collection at a lower price point. The shimmers are a bit too glittery for my taste and there isn’t enough base color to give it the dimension I was expecting from the swatches. This is a pass for me (and I’ll likely be returning this item).

Ease of Use
Great, unique color story
Sleek packaging
Can easily depot the shades to place in a magnetic palette
Easy to use
Pan isn't true to color
Requires color to be built up
Shimmers are more on the glittery side

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