my low-buy year 2019: introduction

Starting a low-buy

I’ll admit: I am a makeup collector. However, for reasons I’ll explain in a bit, I am going to commit to buying less beauty items in 2019. Yes, I know I tried to do this once before, but I am going to be starting a low-buy in 2019 with slightly different rules and reasons. Let’s jump into why I’m starting a low-buy.

why i’m starting a low-buy

There are three main reasons, which are:

I own a lot of makeup. While I’ve done some ruthless declutters in the past, I’ve somehow accumulated so much makeup this year. It’s also not just makeup – I’ve bought a lot of skincare, haircare, and even tools like brushes and sponges. I have, wait for it, 35 back up makeup sponges. Who even needs that?!

With that, I feel so overwhelmed and that I’m not getting use out of everything I own. Which leads me to…

I wasn’t actually using the things I bought. When I made a purchase, I was so excited, but by the time the package arrived, I was looking at the next and newest. It’ll sit on my vanity until I put it away, without actually trying it. I just have accumulated so much makeup (and other beauty products) and it’s not great. I’m going to write up a whole “pre-low-buy” collection post and see how bad the damage is.

And finally, I’m trying to save up for trips and emergencies. When I look at my finances, beauty items are something that I could cut out and save money for upcoming plans. I hope to take a couple of trips in 2019, so I’ll need to save up for those. Plus, I want to contribute more to my “emergency fund,” so some responsible spending would help that.

my low-buy rules

I can only purchase 3 beauty products a month. In past low-buys, I’ve also gave myself a budget, but I found myself buying things that could fit in the budget, but skipping things I actually wanted because it was slightly out of budget. Also, I found myself buying a lot of cheap items and then subsequently increasing my collection while I was on a “low-buy.” I want to curate my makeup to be things I actually want and thoughtfully thinking through purchases.

If I don’t use all three purchase passes, I can roll it over to the next month (and following months, if it happens again).

All categories of beauty are included, except for body wash. Both my husband and I use the same body wash, so I’ll need to be able to purchase it when I need to. I may also extend this to shampoo and conditioner, but I wanted to see what our usage was really like before making the decision. The categories are:

  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Tools and brushes
  • Nail polish

The following categories are replacement only, meaning I could only purchase a new one if I run out of the product or if I declutter it:

  • Highlighters
  • Any form of lipstick (liquid, bullet, pencil), not including lip balms
  • Foundation

wrapping it up

I’m officially starting this low-buy today, January 1st, and I’ve already used 1 pass for my Beautylish Lucky Bag. While I did technically pay for the item in December, I feel like it’s only fitting to count it as a January purchase because it’s a pre-order.

With the low-buy, I’m also starting my wishlist, where I’ll document all the items that I had the urge to buy over the course of the low-buy. Throughout the low-buy, I want to document how my feelings on those products. Plus, at the end of the year, I want to tally up the amount I would have saved by not buying those (or all of those) items.

I am also creating my makeup collection post, where I’ll be listing everything I own, used up, and decluttered throughout the year. It’s pretty long and taking me a bit, but I hope to be able to hone into my favorites.

Are you starting a low-buy this year? What are some of your tips or tricks for a fellow low-buyer?

’til next time, xo!

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