my beauty low-buy: january check-in

beauty low buy thoughts

January was simultaneously the slowest and busiest month for me. Now that I’ve got my first month of my low-buy under my belt, let’s reflect on some highs and lows for January.

i decluttered a lot of makeup

At the beginning of January, I started to really pay attention to the makeup in my collection. For me, my biggest trouble areas are highlighter, lipsticks, and foundation (which are all “replacement-only” in my rules). I saw down, pulled out every single highlighter I had and swatched them. I got rid of a ton of similar shades, while not feeling like I was giving up some of my favorites. With highlighter, you’re almost never going to run out of it, so I don’t need 12 champagne highlights, right?

The same thing happened with my lipsticks. I was able to basically cut my lipstick collection in half and I had a set of lipsticks in my top drawer to test. If I didn’t like the formula, the color, anything – it’s gone. So far, that process has helped me find formulas I like and dislike.

Foundation was a bit trickier, since it’s so personal. I ended up decluttering a few and was left with 5 foundations. After sorting through my foundations, I made a list of things I was missing or things that I felt like I needed, which I’ll talk about in a little bit.

I’ve also gotten rid of a few eyeshadow palettes, cheek products, and even perfume. It’s been a crazy decluttering season for me.

When I was decluttering, I felt almost relieved that I was getting rid of some of the stuff. I felt like I was holding on to things for the “fantasy me,” keeping things that I know I wouldn’t use, but I ~might~ one day. It’s time to let that go and focus on the things I actually like and enjoy using.

i didn’t stick to my rules

So, here’s where I talk about my lows: I bought 6 items (one of which I am returning). As I mentioned in my first post, my Lucky Box was supposed to be considered 1 item from this month, even though I bought it in December. On top of that, I bought 6 things:

I’m going more in depth on these purchases in a separate blog post, but you can tell I very much didn’t stick to my rules. The last three items were purchased right at the end of the month and I’m not in love with the foundation. I do intend on returning it, but I’ll speak more about that in an upcoming post.

The first two items were was I was intending to buy, with the third being a “maybe.” The last three were a bit more impulsive and something I didn’t need to pick up this month. So, very much outside of my rules. As of right now, I’m going to reset my purchases for February, but I’ll see if I feel differently throughout the month.

overall feelings

I’m a little disappointed in myself. However, I need to focus on the upcoming month and figure out how I can not overindulge in the future. I have noticed that I tend to “window-shop” whenever I’m stressed or bored, so I’ve started to focus on other things to help combat that. As I slowly learn what my “triggers” are, I hope that I could be a little better about not over-shopping.

I’ll be posting my purchases very shortly, so you’ll know more on those items soon! I do intend on reviewing the items and evaluate whether or not they deserve a place in my collection.

Are you doing a low-buy? How’s it going so far?

’til next time, xo!


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