meet luna: the adventures of a new cat owner

meet luna: the adventures of a new cat owner

One Sunday morning in August, my life changed.

I decided to pop into an animal shelter that morning, after months and months of trying to adopt a puppy. I walked through the shelter, looking at each of the animals, watching how they react to you as you get close to the glass.  All this was inspired by the dog walkers in Atlanta that I met, we had such a wonderful time together and they showed me why having a dog is really something special.  I fully intended on bringing home a dog – it is super dog-friendly in my city (I could bring one to work), so that was the original plan.

But plans always have a way of changing.

I ended up bringing home this beautiful Snowshoe cat, Luna. (That wasn’t her original name, but once I got her, I knew she was a Luna.) It was something about how she looked at me and how, despite there being two inches of glass between us, she kept trying to rub her head against my hand. I took her home the same day.

So for the past few weeks, we’ve been getting to know each other. I’ve never owned a cat (or dog) before, so this has been an adjustment. She was also sick after a couple of days being home, so we really had to get to know each other while I had to give her medicine. Let me tell you – it’s difficult! I had to wrap her up with a large blanket and keep her between my legs, all while talking to her gently. But now that she’s all better now (yay!), we’ve been trying to get in the swing of her getting used to my apartment and my schedule.

I’ve been trying to make my house a little more homey for her, so basically everything I have bought in the last couple of weeks have been for her. One thing I really am happy with picking her up is a water fountain. She is not a fan of wet food, so I had to make sure she was staying hydrated. One thing to know about cats is they don’t like drinking from still water, so they don’t hydrate themselves enough. Plus, they don’t drink as often as humans do, so I wanted to make sure she was drinking more. She has been drinking loads more with the fountain, so I would highly recommend getting one if you have a cat.

The first couple of weeks have been amazing. I am loving her and having her in my life…it’s kind of like we should have always been together. I love it when she comes and sleeps in the bed with me and she just follows me around when I get home for work, so it makes me feel so loved.

I will definitely be talking about being a pet owner more in this blog, so if you want to know what it’s like to own a cat (or even tips and tricks), keep an eye out. I have been posting a bunch of pictures of her on my instagram, so you could also follow me there if you want your Luna fix.

What are your new cat tips?

’til next time, xo!

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