maybelline soda pop palette (swatches & review)

Maybelline Soda Pop palette

There has been a growing trend of food-related makeup items (looking at you, Too Faced). The drugstore is quickly learning from their higher end counterparts, with peach blushes, cherry palettes, and, now, beverage palettes. Maybelline released two drink-related palettes, the soda pop and lemonade palettes. Today, I'll be reviewing the soda pop palette.

Let's start off with some swatches!


There are 12 total shades in the palette. Four of the shades are double pans, with the rest of the pans being about half the size. The four shades are more "wearable" shades, though a shade being wearable is subjective.

Maybelline Soda Pop palette swatches

The top half of the palette is very similar to most palettes - warm tones. You have a mix of mattes and shimmers. I range from a NC25 - NC35 and you could see Chilling and Ginger Ale is a bit too light for my skin tone. Chilling was quite chalky, so I didn't get much use of the shade.

Maybelline Soda Pop Palette swatches

In contrast with the top half, the bottom half looks like a completely different palette. This was the half that I was most excited about, with a lot of the shades looking similar to a few higher end palettes, like the Natasha Denona Cranberry palette (review here).


With most drugstore palettes, you can't expect to see the same quality as higher end palettes. That is certainly the case with Maybelline's Soda Pop palette. I found that most shades performed adequately, with a few duds. However, I first want to address my biggest problem with this palette: there isn't a ton of variety with the shades. Sure, you get a fun blue, a fun purple, and a fun red, but the other colors don't really enhance those shades. You're left with creating very similar looks with a quick palette swap.

I used both crushing and cola float as transition shades. They both performed adequately and I didn't have trouble building up the color.

The real issue is the darker shades. I found that it took some building up, but I did have a lot of patchiness to work with. I tried a few different application methods and brushes, but I found that the colors would lift off when I tried to blend it in. The best technique I found was packing it on and only blending the edges. You'll need to do it several times, which is quite a hassle.

Other than the mattes, the shade blue raspberry was...lackluster. It looks like a nice blue shimmer shade, however, with one tap into the pan, you'll see that color disappear. The shade looked more black than blue on the eyes and required a lot of work. I was pretty excited about it, but it didn't look very great anytime I used it.

The shade cherry cola is a beautiful almost metallic shade, which reminded me of the shade hot toddy from the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette. It has a nice reflect and one of my more favorite shades in the palette. Despite that, I don't think the one beautiful shade is worth picking up the entire palette for, especially with the similar shades that could be found in different palette.

3 looks, 1 palette

I thought I would try to use as many shades in the palette and here are a few looks I was able to come up with.

Shades used (below):

  • Cola Float in the crease
  • Root Beer in the outer corner
  • Soda Fizz over the lid

Shades used (above):

  • Crushing in the crease
  • Cherry On Top in the outer corner
  • Cherry Cola over the lid
  • Blue Raspberry on the lower lashline

Shades used (right):

  • Crushing in the crease
  • Root Beer in the outer corner
  • Sugar High over the lid
  • Tonic in the inner corner

I tried to use different shades as a transition, but I naturally gravitated to Crushing and Cola Float in the crease. My favorite look I created was with Cherry Cola. I kind of like the sunset look I created with that.

However, the other two looks are very similar, despite using different shades. For 12 pans, I was hoping for slightly more looks and color combos, but I wasn't as inspired with the shades as I hoped.


wrapping up

I think this is an okay palette, but the shades and performance don't make this a must-have, but rather a skip. There are a lot of palettes out there with oranges and browns. The 4 pops of color aren't worth picking this palette up.

I'm hoping for a little more luck with the Maybelline Lemonade Craze palette, which I'll be reviewing next.

Have you tried either of these new Maybelline palettes? What did you think?

'til next time, xo!

Maybelline Soda Pop palette review
Ease of Use
One of the more interesting color palettes at the drugstore
Not a lot of color payoff in the darker shades
Pigmentation is lacking and colors need to be built up
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