makeup revolution x the emily edit | the wants & the needs palettes (swatches & review)

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit swatches and review

Makeup Revolution recently collaborated with Emily Noel, a popular YouTuber, on 2 palettes: The Needs, a collection of face powders and eyeshadows, and The Wants, a 24 pan eyeshadow palette. I've been trying these out for the last month and, boy, I have some major thoughts about these palettes. Let's breakdown each palette and my thoughts on whether or not you should pick these up.

The Needs Palette

the emily edit - the needs palette packaging
the emily edit the needs palette shades

Let's start off with the palette that is supposed to have everything you need all in one place. The Needs palette has a bronzer, blush, shimmery highlight, an all-over face powder and 6 eyeshadows. It retails for $15 on Ulta and the Makeup Revolution website.

I do like the idea behind this palette and it would be a nice all-in-one palette if the colors work for you. The blush, bronzer, and highlight shade is pretty "universal," but only for those of a fairer complexion. Out of the three, the blush is the powder I liked the most, mainly because it is a nice neutral shade for me. However, I did have some issues with the bronzer and the highlight. The bronzer applied a bit patchy and was difficult to blend out.

The highlight shade, on the other hand, was very stiff in the pan and had very little payoff on the face. Comparing Gratitude and Kindness, they apply virtually the same on my skin. It definitely was my least favorite thing about this palette.

the emily edit the needs palette swatches face powders
the emily edit the needs palette eyeshadow swatches

As for the eyeshadows, the selection is decent, though I wish these was a shade between Faith and Peace. The shades are all matte shades, with the exception of Passion, which was a deep plum shade with some gold glitter. The glitter did make it a bit gritty, but didn't add too much of a noticeable shine to the eyes. If you're about all matte looks, you have a good selection in The Needs palette. As for me, I felt like I needed to reach to another palette in my collection to complete a look.

Final rating: 3/5

The Wants Palette

The Emily Edit The Wants Palette packaging
The Emily Edit The Wants palette shades

The Wants is all eyeshadows, with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. While it looks like there is a variety of color in the palette, it lacks depth. The matte browns are similar enough to each other that they are pretty interchangeable, so we could have done with 1 of those instead of 4. Prayer, while it looks a bit peachy in the pan, can translate more brown, so it's pretty similar to the other shades near it. The rest of the mattes were on the sheerer side, and I had significant problems with Corduroy, which I was pretty bummed about. It applied sheer and was difficult to build up; I really was excited for this shade, but at the end, was a bit let down.

The Emily Edit The Wants palette swatches (row 1)
The Emily Edit The Wants palette swatches (row 2)

The shimmers were a bit hit or miss. They were pretty dense, so you do need to wet your brush to get decent pigmentation. I typically apply shimmers with my fingers, reflexively, but even that didn't help with the intensity of the shimmers. There were several pairs (Eve Rose and Belle Violet; Pizazz and Heartbeat) that apply very similar on the eyes, so they too were interchangeable.

I found that Oh Heavens and The Cream not enough to be used for an inner corner highlight, so again, I had to reach for something else to bring lightness back to the look. I ended up using whatever face highlight I was using to highlight  the inner corner.

The Emily Edit The Wants palette (row 3)
The Emily Edit The Wants palette swatches (row 4)

There are some things that the palette gets right: the packaging and the variety of colors. The mirror is gigantic and it's in pretty sturdy plastic. I do like the fact that this palette has a mix of pinks, purples, and greens in contrast to the very beige The Needs palette. However, the quality of the shadow brings down the rating quite a bit.

Final Rating: 2/5

Before I wrap this post up, I did want to put this disclaimer: My thoughts are based off the actual formula of the palettes, and not a reflection of what I think of the collaboration. I think the concept of both palettes are great and had such high hopes, but the actual formula was lacking. I really did want to like these palettes, but the quality makes it something I don't reach for in comparison to other palettes in my collection. To me, despite the affordability of the palettes, this is a pretty safe pass.

What did you think of the palettes? What are some of your favorite eyeshadow palettes that I should try?

'til next time, xo!

makeup revolution x the emily edit palettes
Ease of Use
Good variety of colors
Sturdy packaging
Lacks pigmentation and requires more effort than usual to build up
Shimmer shades lack dimension
Face powders are not universal

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