makeup low-buy check in vol 1: starting is the hard part

makeup low-buy vol 1 colourpop purchases
When I posted my makeup low-buy a couple of weeks ago, I knew that this was going to be rough in the beginning. As I mentioned in that post, I ordered a ton of things this month and tried to refrain from purchasing anything else.
Sidenote: I’ll be doing an “everything I bought this month” post for March soon, but I’ll tell you now – it was a lot. Like, “why would I buy all of this?” a lot. However, I’m trying to keep myself accountable for my purchases and be more cognizant of why I’m purchasing. I’ll go into more detail in that post on whether my thoughts on the purchase of the item (rather than the review) and whether or not you should pick them up.


Let’s start off with some wins, shall we? First off, I returned things that I knew didn’t work for me. I used to be terrible at returning items. They would just sit in my vanity and eventually make it’s way to my trash can. However, the goal for my makeup low-buy isn’t just to keep my vanity in check, but also my wallet, so back to the stores they go…
On the flip side, I did end up exchanging two things, so that sort of negated the return. In the end, I did get items that work for me and that I actually like, rather than keeping something because it was hyped up and everyone was talking about it (another sidenote: I will be doing a full review on the item).
Another win: I decluttered more from my collection, including some high ticket items. I have a ton of items that I bought but don’t use, so I sold them online. I’ve gotten rid of a couple of eyeshadow palettes, a few highlighters, lip products, the works. I just went through and pulled things that I don’t use on a regular basis. Selling helped offset some of the costs of my purchases this month and I’ll continue to sell items that don’t work for me in the future.


Biggest loss: I resisted the Colourpop limited release that happened during their 20% off sale because they were excluded from the sale. However, I ended up buying some new brushes and a couple of other items that were on sale (pictured). Three were a replacement (brow pencil and 2 concealers), but one was one of their new highlight powders. I’m so intrigued and they got pretty decent reviews, so at 20% and free shipping, it was hard to resist (obviously). Yes, I know I’m justifying my purchases. It’s part of the problem, which leads me to this last bit…


Starting in April, I will be doing a money diary, where I write down everything I buy, not just makeup. I know that I specifically say this is a makeup low-buy, but I may also start to include skincare as well, along with the low-buy I already have in place for clothing and accessories. Writing everything down will keep me accountable (that’s the name of the game!) and hopefully keep me on track with this makeup low-buy.
Are you on a makeup low-buy or even no-buy? Tell me your tips in the comments!
’til next time, xo

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