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shop hush app haul bad habit beauty palettes

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been hearing whispers about the hush app (see what I did there?) and thought I would try it out. If you haven’t heard of the hush app, it’s basically a makeup store that is most known for it’s super cheap dupes for higher end palletes. Of course, I needed to see if these so-called dupes were anything like the palettes they are trying to mimic. (You know, for science…or something.) Let’s take a look at everything I picked up in this shop hush haul.

bad habit beauty athena palette huda beauty desert dusk dupe

bad habit beauty’s athena palette ($12) – a dupe for huda beauty’s desert dusk palette ($65)

Let’s start everything off with the dupes that everyone was buzzing about: the athena and aphrodite palettes by bad habit beauty ($12 ea). These are supposed dupes for the desert dusk and rose gold eye palettes by huda beauty, respectively. I personally don’t have any of those palettes by huda beauty, mainly because rose gold received less than stellar reviews. However, the desert dusk palette was one of the best palettes of last year, so I would love to see if this could be a good alternative.

bad habit beauty supernova palette - natasha denona lila palette dupe

bad habit beauty’s supernova palette ($16) could be a dupe for natasha denona’s lila palette ($129). Talk about that price difference!

Another set of dupes are the solstice and supernova palettes (again, by bad habit beauty, $16 ea), that supposedly dupe the sunset and lila palettes by natasha denona. Both of the natasha denona palettes are quite expensive, retailing for $129. I actually own the lila palette, so I will be doing a comparison post very soon. If you were eyeing those natasha denona palettes, you might want to consider picking up the bad habit beauty palettes for a fraction of the price.

bad habit beauty palettes: retro love, inferno, aura

bad habit beauty’s retro love, inferno, and aura palettes, $10 each.

Rounding out this haul, we have three more bad habit beauty palettes (are you surprised at this point?), I picked up the inferno (much like the naked heat), aura (the prism dupe), and retro love (the subculture dupe), all which were $10 each. I will also be comparing the retro love and subculture palettes (which I recently picked up during one of sephora’s weekly wow sales) in a future post.

First impressions on all these palettes, they really do look like the palettes they are inspired by. Despite the very low price point, they have great, sleek packaging and a mirror. If you compare that to colourpop palettes, which is slightly more expensive and does not have a mirror.

If you have been eyeing any of their more expensive counterparts, these might be a good enough dupe to justify the price point. I will definitely be trying these palettes and report back on the quality of the shadows.

In terms of ordering from shop hush, I was able to use Apple Pay in the app. Shipping was relatively quick and free and the palettes came individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Nothing arrived broken, which was also a plus. There was some technical issues when the solstice and  supernova palettes were released, but I eventually was able to place an order. Most of these palettes are app exclusives, which I’m fine with, but others may not be.

Have you ever purchased from shop hush? What are you thoughts on these so-called dupes?

’til next time, xo!

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