first look: becca x chrissy teigen glow face palette swatches

first look: becca x chrissy teigen glow face palette

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Last week, I talked about the becca x chrissy teigen glow face palette collab – and how it was coming soon. I didn’t realize how soon it was coming out because I got a notification that it was being pre-released on the Sephora app. I of course scooped it up (along with some deluxe samples)! I wanted to give you guys a first look and impression of the becca x chrissy teigen glow face palette before I do my full review!

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First off, I’m in love love love with this packaging! It is so beautiful and I will buy (almost) anything rose gold. I just love all the detail.  It’s also very solid, much like the Jaclyn Hill collab. It’s solid and has some heft to it, which I love.

For the products, the exclusive highlight beach nectar was intensely pigmented right off the bat. You’ll definitely need a lighter hand with that one! I love the shade of hibiscus bloom – it’s a beautiful shimmery pink color. I’m a little less thrilled with malibu soleil. It’s very warm and it might be too light for my skintone. rose gold is a beautiful highlight, but you can purchase it separately if it’s the only thing that interests you.

I will be writing up a separate review once I’ve played around with it a little more.

If you want to purchase the becca x chrissy teigen glow face palette, it will be released very soon! It’ll be released across many retailers, so you can pick it up at your store of choice!

Are you excited for this collab? What do you think of the swatches so far? Let me know in the comments!

’til next time, xo!

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