All The Pretty Stars is written and edited by me, Jamie Lianne. All opinions are my own honest opinions and based off personal experience.

I am not a beauty professional; rather, I am a beauty lover and want to share my thoughts with you, the reader.

The information below is current as of December 2017.

Affiliate & Referral Links

All posts containing affiliate links will contain a disclosure linking to this page and will be tagged as “affiliate links”. I utilize Brandcycle, MagicLinks, and Shopstyle Collective for my affiliate links and I can earn a commission on purchases made through the links.

Additionally, I subscribe to beauty subscriptions and may receive a credit for referral links. I will always disclose if the link is a referral link and link to this page additional information on each subscription below.

Ipsy: I receive “Ipsy Points” from referrals. These points could be used to purchase items from their rewards section. I am a regular subscriber and purchase this bag every month.

Press Samples

All posts containing press samples will contain a disclosure linking to this page at the beginning of the post. All opinions are my honest opinion. I will use language implying I received the sample (“I received…” or “I was sent…”) versus if I paid for it on my own (“I purchased…” or “I bought…”).


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