what i bought in january: makeup purchase round-up

what i bought in january: makeup purchase round-up

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Last week, I shared my New Year’s resolutions and said I would share my monthly makeup purchases to keep my buying habits in check. This month, I definitely bought less makeup than December – however, did buy quite a bit. My goal isn’t necessarily to stop spending all together, but to be more strategic. I was definitely better at that this month.

Here’s everything I bought this month:

For lip products, I bought the bite beauty agave lip balm ($18), maybelline inti-matte lipstick in almond rose ($6), maybelline color sensational lip pencil in dusty rose ($7), and the sephora gel lip liner in it’s cherry ($12). Lip products are something that I have a massive weakness for, but I feel pretty proud that I didn’t buy another 4-5 lipsticks. However, this is the one area I will overspend on, so I have to be very careful.

For the eyes, I am trying very, very hard to not buy any more palettes. I destashed so many of them (and still have so many more), so I’m sticking to single eyeshadows to round out my collection. The items purchased were 3 colourpop pressed eye shadows (and received one for free for a total of $15) and the nars pro-prime eyeshadow base ($26). I was looking for a base to dry clear and this one fits the bill. I’ll give this a few more uses before I let you know what it’s like. Also, I have not tried the new colourpop shadows. I will have a completely separate post where I review the formula. It’s exciting to see all their new launches this year! Plus I love how affordable all their products are.

Lastly, I bought 1 foundation. I’m trying so many different foundation samples that I’ve collected from Sephora and Nordstrom trying to find my perfect match. However, when I heard that the new maybelline dream cushion foundation ($14) dried to a satin finish, I knew I wanted to see what all the hype around cushion foundations were all about. I purchased the shade 45 Medium Beige. It is a little yellow for me, but it does dry down to a satin finish. I find that this is long lasting and doesn’t make me super oily by the end of the day. It covers my redness pretty well with just a light layer and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

Overall, I spent $98 on makeup this month. The two pricey items (lip balm and eyeshadow base) are more long term purchases, so I anticipate my spending to go down significantly this month. I realize I still have a ways to go to really curb my buying habits, but I think me keeping track of everything is really helping me see the bigger picture. Plus, it has helped me “shop my collection” more. I’m finding the items that I love (and don’t love) that I already own. There is still definitely room for improvement and I hope to keep buying less and less as time progresses.

What are your makeup shopping goals this year? Are you looking to cut back like me? Let me know what you’re doing to keep yourself in check in the comments below!

’til next time, xo!

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