beauty empties, vol. 1

beauty empties vol 1

I’ve been wanting to start a beauty empties series for the longest time, but it’s been a bit difficult for me to basically hang onto my trash. I’ll use something up and into the bin it goes. This year, I made an effort in keeping anything I’ve used up, write up a quick review and let you know if I’m repurchasing or passing on any of the items.

Now onto the trash…I mean, empties, in no particular order:

glossier milky jelly cleanser ($18): this is the first of any Glossier products I used up and part of the reason why I made the initial order on their website. I used this in the morning and it was a good cleanser. It definitely has a jelly consistency and is super gentle. My skin felt moisturized and didn’t feel like it was stripped of its oils. It does have a scent, but it’s nothing too overpowering and I actually liked it.

would I repurchase? I’m leaning yes, but not right now. I’m working on some other drugstore cleansers right now because they are more readily available. If I make another glossier purchase, I’ll definitely add one (or two) to my order.

first aid beauty pure skin face cleanser ($20): I purchased this because I needed a new cleanser and I had a coupon at Sephora. I’ve never tried anything from them so I thought this would be a good replacement for the glossier milky jelly cleanser. It’s not overly drying and was pretty gentle, but the scent is what really bothers me. It smells almost clinical…I’m a bit sensitive to scents so this is a bit too strong for me.

would I repurchase? no; the scent is a bit off putting and I went through it way too quickly for the price point.

first aid beauty skin rescue deep cleanser (deluxe size, $24 for full size): I’m not sure which beauty box I got this in, but I actually liked this. It was like a daily clay mask, but in cleanser form. It does make my face feel smooth after using it. I don’t think I would use this everyday, but it would be a good one for a couple times a week.

would I repurchase? leaning towards yes. I’m working on other exfoliaters right now (seriously, trying so many new things), but I did like this one.

drunk elephant beste jelly cleanser (deluxe size, $34 for full size): This reminds me of the glossier milky jelly cleanser, but a bit thicker. It’s still a gel consistency and it’s nice and not drying on my skin. It’s super gentle and a little goes a long way. Definitely one of my favorite cleansers recently.

would I repurchase? yes, and I have. I’m currently using it as a second cleanse during my nightly routine. The price is a bit crazy, but I do really like this one.

lancer the method: polish (deluxe size, $75 for full size): This was part of a sephora favorites skincare box and I’ve heard good things about lancer in general. This is a pretty unique exfoliater for me – it had a gritty texture, but it didn’t feel like it would clog my pores. It has a fresh, citrus scent and I did like this, but this is so expensive.

would I repurchase? maybe; I’m trying out different exfoliating cleansers right now, so I may go back to this if I don’t like the others.

sephora collection green tea exfoliating wipes ($7.50): I’ve tried a couple of scents (coconut and green tea) and I prefer the coconut. The green tea version has two different textures – one more smooth and one with a rougher texture that’s meant to be exfoliating. I tend to use the smoother side, but I really like their wipes in general. I usually keep some wipes at my vanity and I’m a bit sad that I’ve used these all up.

would I repurchase? yes, but I believe these are discontinued. I check every once in a while and don’t ever see it in stock.

belif the true cream – aqua bomb ($38): This was my daily moisturizer. It has a nice, cooling gel consistency and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy. I’ve wrote a whole review on this, but (spoiler alert) I like this one. If you want to know more about the moisturizer, here’s my review for you to read.

would I repurchase? yes, and I have. Love this stuff!

amika nourishing mask (deluxe size, $28 for full size): I use a hair mask once a week and I really liked this one. The scent is beautiful and it does really help my hair feel less gritty and smooth. It could be used as a daily conditioner and it doesn’t make your hair feel heavy or greasy. Definitely one to check out if you’re looking for a hair mask.

would I repurchase? yes, and I have. I’m working on another hair mask right now, but I have this one standing by when I use that up.

clairol hair food root cleansing shampoo ($11): This was supposed to be my weekly root clarifying shampoo, so it took me quite a while to get through this. There’s only one scent, which is the strawberry ginger, which is definitely smells like. I never really noticed a difference in the ~cleanliness~ of my scalp, so I’m still on a hunt for a good clarifying shampoo to help with the product buildup at the end of the week.

would I repurchase? no; I don’t notice a significant difference using this over any other shampoo.

klorane dry shampoo with oat milk (deluxe size, $20 for full size): I think I got this from a beauty box, but I do love this stuff. It doesn’t give me a white cast, absorbs oil and isn’t overpowering in scent. I find a lot of dry shampoos leave my hair feeling greasy after a few hours and my roots look ashy, but not this one. I do like this one and I could see why this is a cult classic.

would I repurchase? maybe, but leaning yes. Like most things, I’m trying a few drugstore dry shampoo options right now and if I don’t find a new favorite, I’ll likely go back to this one.

urban decay all nighter setting spray (deluxe size, old packaging, $32 for full size): This is a little mini version in their old packaging. They came out with new packaging with a lighter mist, which is my biggest gripe with the old packaging. It sort of just spit at you and didn’t give you a nice mist. It does help your makeup last longer than without.

would I repurchase? Maybe. I do like my milani make it last setting spray, but I might pick this up when I use that one up to see how the new packaging works out. Crossing my fingers for no more spitting.

Whew, that’s quite a bit of trash. I’ll try to do these beauty empties posts after I get at least 5 items, especially since I’m trying so many things.

What are some items you used up recently and what should I be checking out?

’til next time, xo!

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