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on real life

driving to the north shore of oahu, hawaii It has been quite a while since I last posted – and I realized today that it sucks. You know curveballs? Well, life threw me one a few weeks ago and I…


crushing on: gold

I have been seriously crushing on gold jewelry for the last couple of weeks – to the point where I have a running list that keeps getting longer and longer. I am loving some of the new stuff from Melinda Maria,…


on top of the world

Sometimes, it’s hard not to feel small when you look out into the world. I’ve lived in Honolulu for 6+ years after growing up in the suburbs and it still boggles my mind sometimes how much is out there. There…


overhaul my life

images from my instagram A couple of months ago, I took the plunge and moved out of an apartment I shared with a friend and decided to live alone. It was a huge step for me, mainly because I have…


rivet & sway

If there is one thing I like to spend my money on, it’s glasses (optical or sun, I love them both!). I have pretty bad vision and have been wearing glasses since the 4th grade – when it wasn’t cool…


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