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crushing on: redbubble

If you haven’t noticed, I am sort of a geek (yep, totally okay with being called a geek too!). I love tons of different fandoms, which means I need a place to buy things that represent my geekiness. Enter redbubble,…


aerie’s real campaign

Who else is loving this new ad campaign by aerie? The lingerie brand of American Eagle is making me all kinds of happy right now. Their new tagline? The real you is sexy. I am in love with this. They vow…


makeup essentials

I have this weird relationship with makeup – I love to buy it, love to try new colors, but I always go back to my tried and true neutrals. I have been slowly throwing out makeup that I had bought,…


you should be…watching sherlock

(“you should be…” is a column about things i love that i think you should love too! these opinions are strictly my own and i hope you enjoy these things as much as i do!) If there is one thing…


a new year, a new start

So, I know it has been…over a month since I last posted. The holidays are always the worst time of year for me, especially because I work for a nonprofit in real life. But now that’s over, I felt like…


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