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on the fear of missing out

As I mentioned previously, I live alone. In my mid-twenties. Basically, my day consists of going to work and then going home and watching something on Netflix or something. The first couple of months were okay. I was okay with…


you should be: reading a song of ice and fire

I will admit – I didn’t start reading the series until after watching HBO’s Game of Thrones. I know, I know! Horrible! But let me tell you…if you want the full story and not be spoiled for the upcoming season (premiering on April 7th), you should…


color crush: pink

Maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is coming up, or maybe I’m feeling a little girly, but I have been crushing on pink for the last week. It’s making me want to buy pale pink everything! I love how delicate pink can look…



This week’s currently post is a whole mixture of things and interests. The thing about me is that when I start to like something, I like binge watch/listen/read to the point of no return. I just did a full on marathon…


crushing on: redbubble

If you haven’t noticed, I am sort of a geek (yep, totally okay with being called a geek too!). I love tons of different fandoms, which means I need a place to buy things that represent my geekiness. Enter redbubble,…


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