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getting your name out there with basic invite

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working on how I could expand this blog, as well as my brand. I knew that the next step was getting my name out there and really owning my brand, both online…


my beauty low-buy: february check-in

Another month has flown by and this month’s low-buy didn’t go too well. As I anticipate that this will be a long blog post, I’m going to jump right into it. january returns As I said in last month’s check-in,…


my beauty low-buy: january check-in

January was simultaneously the slowest and busiest month for me. Now that I’ve got my first month of my low-buy under my belt, let’s reflect on some highs and lows for January. i decluttered a lot of makeup At the…


my makeup wishlist for 2019

last updated: january 14, 2019 As part of my 2019 beauty low-buy, I wanted to keep a running wishlist of items that I’ll refer to when making my purchases for the month. The goal is to avoid making impulse purchases…


my low-buy year 2019: introduction

I’ll admit: I am a makeup collector. However, for reasons I’ll explain in a bit, I am going to commit to buying less beauty items in 2019. Yes, I know I tried to do this once before, but I am…


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