jamie lianne is a graphic designer currently living in seattle, washington. she currently works as a visual designer and enjoys the color combo cobalt+blush, beautiful sunsets, and pretty paper.

all the pretty stars is my place to talk about all things beauty. From makeup to skincare to haircare, I want to share with you my favorite (and least favorite) things. I’m a makeup enthusiast and want to share my love of makeup to help you navigate through this vast market.

My Skin Story

For reference, my skin is oily/combination and I have dry patches around my mouth and jaw line. I do suffer from occasional acne and have some hyperpigmentation. I don’t consider my skin sensitive, however, some products do cause me to break out.

I like my foundation to not be too matte and prefer a medium coverage. I don’t like my foundation to feel heavy on my skin, but I do want it to provide some coverage on my acne scars. I don’t wear makeup everyday, however, when I do wear makeup, I’m either full glam or really minimal. There is no middle ground for me!

Things you probably won’t see: false lashes (though I did get eyelash extensions and hated it), super winged eyeliner, and super smooth skin. I just wasn’t blessed with perfect skin.

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