a love of pizza: kansas city’s artego pizza

a love of pizza: kansas city’s artego pizza

As a girl who loves the simple things in life, pizza is a food group staple. I am not a pizza snob by any means, but I do appreciate when it’s expertly made. When I was visiting a friend in Missouri, we took a detour to eat at Artego Pizza in Kansas City – and, let me tell you, it was worth the stop.

We went on a Sunday, which meant bottomless mimosas and a Royals game playing in the background. Now, I’m not a huge fan of baseball, but I am a huge fan of mimosas, so they got points there. The interior was decorated with paintings of various musicians (all by the same artist) and it sort of reminded me of a diner back in Hawaii I used to frequent.

make your own pizza: medium half sausage, half cheese
In a true pizza-lover fashion, we each ordered a pizza. I’m only about 5 feet, so I can’t put away that much pizza, so I ordered a small (10 inch) pizza with alfredo sauce and smoked chicken and bacon as toppings. In addition, I swapped the traditional cheese, I got shredded mozzarella and it was worth it.  I got the original crust, which was fluffy and herb-filled, so it was ahhh-mazing. My friend went super basic, with half sausage and cheese. Nevertheless, it looked amazing. They have quite a few combinations you could make with their various toppings, cheeses, crusts…and they have their own combos for you to try.

One thing I should mention is that the place is loud. My friend had to sit next to each other and it was still hard to hear each other. It could be because there were a lot of drunk people and the high ceilings made the sounds bounce around. However, the pizza was delicious and it’s worth putting up with the noise. It wasn’t unbearable, just a word of warning. It’s not an intimate place – it’s a pizza joint.

If you’re in Kansas City and love pizza, I would suggest checking this place out.

’til next time, xo!

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