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Since I was in the 4th grade, I had to wear glasses. I started off with those round Harry-Potter-esque frames and have graduated to wearing stylish lenses. My prescription hasn’t changed for several years, but when I went to the optometrist last month, my eyesight got worse! Since then, I have been on the hunt for new glasses. Typically, I order them from Warby Parker, but I had a very horrible time ordering a pair this past month, so I had to find an alternate glasses shop.

That’s when I discovered glasses.com, which I instantly fell in love with. They had all my favorite glasses brands – including ray-ban. I went and bought both an optical pair and sunglasses pair (which you need in sunny California!).

The packaging was amazing! I absolutely adored it – it was a wonderful experience from the get-go. I saved both boxes because of how beautiful they were. There were these cute little sayings all throughout the packaging (including on the bottom of the box!), so it was definitely love at first sight. (No pun intended!)

I picked up two pairs of glasses. The optical glasses I have purchased was Ray-Ban RX5286 in Blue & Horn Grey. I have like a face that’s in between a round and an oval, so square/rectangular frames definitely suit my face shape better. I tried round frames and they were horrible. Either way, these frames were perfect. glasses.com has a 15 day try-on policy, which came in handy because I originally ordered a Coach pair that was slightly too big. They replaced it in like 3 days. It was quick! I would definitely recommend going that route since you don’t know how a pair of glasses will fit until you receive it.

The second pair I picked up was the Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Shiny Black. I love these sunnies! Yes, they are rounder frames, but because you can’t really see my cheekbones, it works! I think they are super stylish. I also was inspired by Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman of youtube who showed off their pairs on instagram. However, I think they are a perfect, classic shape that you should definitely check out. The lenses are green, but I think it looks so great with the black and gold.

The Ray-Ban RX5286 in Blue and Horn Grey

The Ray-Ban RX5286 in Blue and Horn Grey

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Shiny Black

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Shiny Black

Overall, my shopping experience with glasses.com was one of the best experiences. I came out of it with two amazing pairs of glasses. They have a wide selection and always have free lenses (and, sometimes, like the time I purchased these, they have the high-index lenses for free too!). If you are looking to replace your glasses (or even purchase a spare pair), I would highly suggest you head on over to glasses.com. You won’t regret it.

til next time, xo!

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