2016: the year of focus

always the optimist

I have written this post in my head over and over for the last couple of days and I finally had the a-ha moment that made me realize what I was trying to say:

I just need to focus.

It was only until I realized that I was constantly worrying about the same things over and over:

  1. I needed to figure out if I wanted to stay in the apartment that I am currently living or find a more affordable place.
  2. There were two large vacations I needed to plan for just in the beginning of the year.
  3. I’ve been starting feel like I wasn’t doing anything creative any more.

These thoughts of worry would come in waves – to the point where I just needed to lay down and want to cry a little. However, I knew that crying wasn’t going to be the answer and the only way that I could really work through the worries is to pinpoint how I could improve these feelings of anxiety.

So this year, I’ve decided instead of creating a laundry list of resolutions (that I know I am not going to finish anyway), that I would focusing on three big things: home, finances, and spirit.

For the home, I want to be able to make the move as seamless as possible – starting with tidying my apartment and doing an overhaul of the things I own. I think my first clearing my surroundings, I can then clear my mind. Also, there are aspects about the home I want to explore more: cooking, baking, DIY-ing…though I probably will suck at anything DIY. I want to make my apartment feel less like an apartment and more like my home.

For my finances, there were a lot of things that I was thinking about in conjunction to the vacations. I needed to save for the new apartment, while still paying bills and paying off my student loans and debt. I want to focus on my finances in bite-size pieces and come up with a plan on how I can achieve multiple financial goals at once.

And finally, for my spirit, I’m going to refocus my blog a little and talk more in depth about these two aspects of my life. I feel by having a channel to share my learnings (and failures) in re-focusing and invest more time in my blog, the creative juices will start flowing again. I have left this blog without an update for so long that I feel like this new motivated push will help me come up with interesting (and hopefully inspiring) content.

I hope you come along for the journey – and I hope by focusing on these three things, I can share a bit of my world with you.

‘Til next time, xoxo


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