scenes from february

scenes from february

Wow, did February just whiz by or was that just me? I didn’t take my pics this month, but check out some scenes of how my February went. My wonderful Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl (yep, I’m celebrating)! The only movie I watched in theatres this month was The Lego Movie, which was worth every single penny. (I got a Uni-Kitty cup because I loved it so much). I purchased a Moto Xwhich is an amazing phone with tons of customization. I made mine look like a TARDIS for my love of Doctor Who and I am enjoying the upgrade. I gave in and got Amazon Prime, mainly so I can watch Veronica Mars, one of my favorite television shows. Finally, I am enjoying my shorter hair because it’s easier to curl in the morning! I’m all about getting a lot of sleep, so anything to make me look presentable + is super quick is a plus in my book.

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