get excited: the veronica mars movie

the veronica mars movie
Get excited, Marshmellows- the Veronica Mars movie is out next month! If you are like me, you contributed to their Kickstarter the moment it allowed you to. I will definitely be watching it the day it comes out – and from the comfort of my own home, thanks to one of my backer rewards! That’s right – if you pledged over $35 to get a digital copy of the movie, you’ll be getting it that day. No need to stand in line at the theatres…though, I might just to get the experience.

The movie brings us back to good old Neptune, a place I missed after the show was cancelled after three seasons. And by the sheer power of the fans, our favorite 09-ers are back for a movie. For those of you who have not watched the show, Veronica Mars (portrayed by Kristen Bell) was a teenage sleuth, on par with Nancy Drew, in the fictional California town of Neptune. The first season revolved around the death of her bestie, Lily Kane (Amanda Seyfried). Most episodes had it’s own separate mystery to solve, but there was a lot that went into the overarching mystery. It’s definitely a show you can sit for hours on end and binge watch.

I am so, so excited for this movie. It brings back some of our favorite people – Veronica, Logan, Mac, Wallace…the list goes on and on. But I think I am most excited to see the LoVe (Logan/Veronica) scenes. Oh, they are definitely one of my favorite television couples. So get excited – this movie will probably be taking us on a fun and emotion-filled roller coaster.

If you want to catch up on the series, you can stream it on Amazon Prime now!

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