may favorites

It’s been a long time since I have done a favorites post. (Or any post for that matter!) But, over the past couple of months, I tried a bunch of new stuff, so here are my favorites!

bite beauty’s butter cream lipstick in rosewood and moka – I am in love with Bite Beauty in general and my first foray into the brand was their Butter Cream Lipstick. It’s handcut so that it’s more moisturizing – and it definitely does not dry out my lips. I love the pigmentation of it and it doesn’t taste or smell horrible. I started off with Rosewood and ended up getting Moka for a more neutral color. I definitely want to pick up more colors – a more neutral, nude color is definitely in my future.

bite beauty’s luminous creme lipstick duo in fig/date – Along the same line, I always get caught in the “aisle of doom” while waiting for a cashier and ended up picking up this neutral lipstick duo. Like the butter cream lipstick, the pigmentation and colors are beautiful and I absolutely love the smell, taste, etc. Especially when you are wearing this on your lips, you gotta have it taste good! Plus, I’ve noticed that the color lasts all day (even with my excessive coffee drinking, I still have to wipe it off at the end of the day).

elizabeth and james’ nirvana white – I bought both versions of the Nirvana perfume and I absolutely love the white edition. I’ve always been more of a floral type of girl, so the black version is a bit too musky for me. There is something about the scent that I absolutely love. It must be my love of peonies. Plus the packaging is gorgeous! I love how hefty it feels – it feels so luxurious.

the body shop’s seaweed collection – I am definitely an oily/combo type girl, so this collection is my go to. Right now, while it heads into summer, I use this with the tea tree collection (for the acne breakouts!). The scent is great and I love the formula. My skin feels so clean after using this stuff and the day cream doesn’t make me too shiny, like a lot of other moisturizers.

urban decay’s naked 3 palette – Naked palettes are well-known and loved, but this is my first palette. The rose gold tones are beautiful and the packaging is great. Paired with their eyeshadow primer, I never get creases in my shadow. I love it! Plus, it came with a duo brush, perfect for application. I am in love with Nooner – such a pretty shade!

Also not pictured, but worth mentioning: taylor swift’s bad blood music video, because it’s all kinds of amazing. It definitely is my favorite from her (and I thought I would love blank space forever). also, the vampire diaries! I am so excited to see what they do without Nina Dobrev (but I will miss Elena!). It’s going to be interesting next season. And finally, seattle! I am in love with this city. Seriously. It’s so beautiful, fun, and I am so glad I moved here.

What are some of your favorites this month?

’til next time, xo!

february favorites

Wow, I cannot believe that February is over! Curse you, short months!

Either way, the beginning of a new month means time to review my favorites from last month!

makeup – I have been loving liquid eyeliner for the past month. I never really got into liquid eyeliner until I got urban decay’s ink for eyes, which has one of the best applicators. Maybe it’s because I have always failed with the whole paint pot like applicator, so I definitely need to opt for the pen applicator. I’m trying to find a drugstore alternative, but if you have suggestions, let me know!

makeup, again! – another makeup fave is my new nars’ velvet matte lip pencil in dragon girl. I absolutely adore the consistency and the color and I think I’m going to get it in a nude and possibly cruella, which is a slightly darker red.

fashion – I totally caved and bought some uggs in classic tall. For the longest time, I told myself I would never, ever, ever buy Ugg boots but due to upcoming circumstances (I swear, I will share about it on Wednesday!), I bought a pair in black. It was the softest thing ever…when I was in the store, I did not want to take if off to ring them up. It was like stepping on a cloud. I am debating on whether or not I would want the classic mini (because they are adorable).

more fashion! – I bought my first pair of actual booties in January and have been loving them all through February. They’re by my one of my favorite brands, sam edelman and they are the petty bootie in black suede. I have always been a knee high boots kind of girl, but I picked these up the last time I was in Seattle and absolutely fell in love. They look great with just about every outfit I wear, so I would suggest picking up a pair! (I want it in deep saddle leather so. freaking. bad.)

music – this month, I have been jamming to ella henderson’s chapter one. Her voice is amazing and I love how sultry it sounds. I get chills whenever I listen to it. You might know her song ghost, which has been getting a lot of airplay, or even yours, which was featured on a recent episode of the vampire diaries, but either way, I think you could find at least one song you like on this album.

lastly, movies – can we talk about big hero 6? Can we? I am a lover of just about everything disney, so this movie has been on my must watch list. I finally had a chance to watch it and oh. my. gosh. Tears everywhere. First of all, can you actually have a crush on a cartoon character? (The answer is yes, by the way.) Also, Baymax is the most wonderful robot ever, which is saying something in comparison to my previous favorite, Wall-E. Go and watch this movie. Just do it.

So those are my favorites for the month! What are some of your favorites or have you written a blog post about it? Share it in the comments below!

’til next time, xo!

linkup: favorite instagrammers

top 3 favorite instagrammers: @kattanita, @juliahengel, and @designlovefest
top 3 favorite instagrammers: @kattanita, @juliahengel, and @designlovefest

I love instagram. It’s the only social network where I really follow people…and I spend quite a lot of time in the app. I am obsessed, so when The B Bar announced their link up post is to talk about your favorite instagrammers, I jumped on it.

The prompt was our top 3 instagrammers, which was really hard for me to choose. I love so many instagrams, so here are the ones I narrowed it down to:

@kattanita (x) – Kat is the blogger behind, which I discovered because of her wonderful range with gigi new york. Her instagram has a mixture of her style posts and landscapes and other beautiful things, so I instantly fell in love with it once I discovered it.

@juliahengel (x) – One of my favorite blogs is Gal Meets Glam, so Julia’s instagram is definitely high on the list of my favorite instagrams. I love her style and she has great composition with her photos. She always features a bunch of pink things (my favorite color), so she is a huge fashion inspiration.

@designlovefest (x) – This ‘gram is my go to place for all around beautiful, lovely pictures. The colors are always gorgeous and I just absolutely adore it. It’s so inspiring, so I would highly recommend you check it out!

Who are some of your favorite instagrammers?

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til next time, xo!

january favorites!

Wow! January flew by. Now that it is officially February, here are some of my favorite things from January.

lipsticks – I have been loving lipstick this month. Two of my favorites that I have using constantly are urban decay’s revolution lipstick in shame and rimmel kate moss matte lipstick in 107. i usually use a lipstick brush with the urban decay for during the day, and layer it on for an evening look. the kate moss lipstick is perfect for going day to night.

television – Thanks to Netflix, I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls this entire month. I am currently on season 6 out of 7, which I haven’t actually watched all the way through, so it’s quite exciting to watch it. The witty dialogue is amazing and you should definitely watch it.

hand lotion – Along the lines of using natural products, I am loving J.R. Watkin’s Hand Cream in Lavender. My skin has been really dry, so I had to find something that was very moisturizing. Plus it smells wonderful and doesn’t feel greasy. The tube is small enough for me to throw into my handbag.

sunglasses – I have been loving my new Ray-Ban Clubmasters. I recently bought these from in Shiny Black. It’s fun and a classic shape and I love the gold accents. I think black and gold is an amazing combo, but if you prefer silver, they have that combo as well. I will be writing a little more about my glasses purchases in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for that!

music – Taylor Swift does it again. When I first purchases 1989, I didn’t really care for it. I listened to it one go around and thought meh. Then I listened to it again. And again. And again. I think you get the picture. But through all the listening, I kept thinking how even though it sounds super poppy, it’s still got Taylor’s wonderful lyrics. I would definitely recommend this one. Listen to style, blank space, and wildest dreams. You won’t regret it!

food – Lastly, I’ve been cooking more! I found some Golden Curry at the Ralph’s down the street from me and I was so so happy. It is one of my favorite dishes and it’s so easy to make on your own. I bought as many as I could buy (in case they run out) and the box lasts me about 3-4 meals, which is really good for the price.

And that’s it! All my January favorites in a nicely wrapped package. What are some of your favorite things from January?

til next time, xo!

2014 favorites

2014 is almost done, which means it’s time to think of all my favorite things from the year. Here are some of my favorite things from this year…

ed sheeran’s x – this is absolutely my favorite album in 2014. I love just about every single song on this album. Plus, I got to see him live at Staples and it was the most amazing concert I have been to. I definitely recommend this album to everyone. tracks of note: afire love, tenarife sea, and i’m a mess.

cute little plushies – I bought so many plushies this year and I am loving it. The one pictured above is the Starcrafts Zergling plush, which I absolutely adore. Plushies take up a whole half of my bed. I imagine my plushie collection will only grow in 2015.

blush pink + cobalt blue – this has been my go-to color combo (and even individually!). I love the feminine-ness of the blush pink and the strength behind cobalt blue. I even got my Moto X in Blush. I bought a lot of clothes in blush, because it’s easy to pair with a lot of my dark colors (blues, blacks, grays). Cobalt has been my go to color for tops & jewelry. It’s a great, simple, yet bold color and super fun. I expect these colors to continue be featured in my life (and wardrobe) next year.

urban decay’s naked basics and lush lash mascara – best eye combo. Naked Basics is a great matte eye shadow palette and perfect for travel. Anytime I went on a trip, it was in my bag. Plus, the colors are perfect for everyday wear or a fun smokey eye. I paired it with the Lush Lash Mascara, which is hands down my favorite mascara find. One of the things that bothers me about mascaras are that they are super clumpy, but this mascara is different – it glides on smooth and my lashes seem longer. I would definitely recommend both of these items for any makeup lover.

talenti gelato – found these at ralphs and I am in love with it. It’s really delicious and I don’t feel as guilty eating it as the pints of ice cream that I typically buy (I’m looking at you, Americone Dream). The ingredients aren’t too bad and the taste is amazing. Also, the packaging is so cute and make great little containers since they’re thick plastic.

cw’s arrow – at first, I wasn’t too hot on this show, but I decided to sit through and watch at least the first couple of episodes and then I ended up watching all. the. episodes. This is definitely in the guilty pleasure category and would not be for everyone, but I do thoroughly enjoy the show.

So there you have it – my 2014 favorites! What are some of your favorite things for 2014?

til next time, xo.