video game filled weekend | pax west 2016

Over Labor Day weekend, I attended PAX Prime West at the Washington Convention Center and I had a blast. It was four days basically filled with walking around, trying out new games, seeing new tech and, overall, just having fun. Sure, by the end of each day, I was exhausted…we hardly ate and the one day that we did eat (which happened to be the last day), I felt amazing afterwards. So tip number one: keep nourished. It will help you keep on going for longer.

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emerald city comic-con adventures

Remember how I said a long, long time ago that I wanted to delve into doing videos? Here’s the first one! Cameron and I both went to Emerald City Comic Con a week ago and I filmed a bit of what was going on, what I bought (spoiler: a LOT), and more.

I’m planning on posting a video a week at this point; mostly weekend vlogs, but I do want to do some additional content. Do you have something you would like to see? I’m already planning on filming an April Favorites video, but I would love to do some beauty and fashion videos as well.

first impressions: funko’s smuggler’s bounty box

smuggler's bounty first order box first impressions

There are two things I’m a sucker for: blind boxes and Star Wars. So when Funko announced that they were going to be releasing a blind box with exclusive Star Wars items, I basically threw money at my monitor. That was back in September.

Two months later, the box finally arrived. Now, let me tell you – I am thoroughly pleased with the box. This month’s theme was the first order, which is the Empire side of the new movie, so I instantly knew I would love it. I always had a soft spot for the Empire (sorry, Rebels!), so having an entire box dedicated to that made my heart squee.

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

smuggler's bounty first order box patch and pin

Upon opening the box, you get a patch and a pin. I thought the presentation was awesome – usually you open the box and you see everything right there, but I felt like this gave it a bigger reveal. Plus, I love the designs of both and I will definitely rock the pin on the lanyard they also had in the box.

smuggler's bounty first order box exclusive figurines

The one thing Funko is known for is their cute little figurines and I am in love with them. I have tons of them in various places throughout my apartment and at work. There are three available for you to get in the box and they are all exclusive to the box. You’re not finding any of these in a store. I already have a Captain Phasma one at work, but the chrome version looks so. much. cooler. And a little Tie Fighter Pilot in black and red? I love it! The other one you could get it a pilot in an all black suit, but I am happy with the one I got.

smuggler's bounty first order box shirt

The last two items were a t-shirt (pictured) and a lanyard. I love getting lanyards, though I never use them all at once. I love, love, love getting t-shirts, especially cool ones. I like the design of this one – it’s cute, yet geeky. It’s right up my alley.

One thing that I love about this box is everything (and I mean everything) is 100% exclusive to the box. You’re not going to get these in a shop or anything – and to me it makes it worth the $25 price point. Not to mention, the two figurines alone would almost make up the cost of the box, plus you get a shirt and some sweet extras. Not bad, Funko!

And there you have it! The first Smuggler’s Bounty box by Funko. Did you pick up one? If so, were you happy with it? If you haven’t, pick up the next box (The Resistance out in January) here!

’til next time, xo!

pax prime: geeking out over video games

pax prime 2015 saturday and sunday badges

Late in August, Seattle was home to the Pax Prime convention and I was one of the lucky few who was able to pick up badges within minutes of them going on sale. If I haven’t said it before, I love video games. I definitely do not play as much as I used to when I was a kid, but I love seeing what is new out there.

I did not take as many pictures as I hoped to…it was quite crowded and I really wanted to make sure I was in line for things that I wanted to do. It was actually quite cool to try out some new tech items as well – including the new Logitech Artemis Spectrum headset and the Corsair Strafe mechanical keyboard. If I didn’t just get a new headset for my birthday, I would have picked up this one because it sounded and looked so good. I did nearly pick up the keyboard, but since my current keyboard is still pretty new, I couldn’t really justify the purchase.

lego dimensions doctor who and portal

The standout game for me had to be Lego Dimensions, which combines two things I love: Legos and video games. I know there is already the whole series of different Lego games, but this one has…Doctor Who! I was SO pumped to get to play the demo, and I definitely will be picking up this one. I love that you also get to build a mini Lego set with it and it’s interactive. It’s fun for kids and adults (at least I had fun). Other games I’m excited for: Fallout 4 (though I did not get to play the demo) and trying everything under the sun by Behemoth. I am a sucker for cute games, so when I saw their booth, I nearly cried tears of happiness.

pax prime behemoth statues

I also picked up some goodies, including the special edition Loot Crate – a subscription box for geeks. Also got some Pax branded goodies, a ton of lanyards, and some Magic cards…don’t know what I’ll do with those, but they are special edition.

If you have never gone to a convention before, it’s a fun and crazy thing – you get to see a bunch of new things, but you will be standing in lines for ages. If you want to see any panels, you do need to get there well in advance in order to get a seat. I always seemed to get there just too late, but I wasn’t really there for the panels. I really wanted to see what new games and tech was coming out, so I wanted to spend more time on the convention floor. Also, bring snacks! I made that mistake and basically everything in the center was packed. You’ll be on your feet most of the day, so something that provides you a bit of energy would be the best.

Did you attend Pax or any other convention? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

’til next time, xo!

i’ve got a blank space: taylor swift’s 1989 world tour

taylor swift's 1989 world tour in seattle wa

I listen to a wide range of music, all depending on my mood. So, it should be to no surprise that I love Taylor Swift, since I first heard always and forever off her fearless album. As a way to congratulate myself on landing a new job in a new city, I bought a floor seat to her 1989 world tour – spent a pretty penny, but let me tell you: it was worth every cent.

From what I’ve gathered from people on social media, this tour is amazing and I knew I had to see it first hand. When I first heard 1989, I wasn’t really feeling it. However, after giving it a few more listens, I fell in love1989 had everything – fun songs (like blank space and shake it off), songs about heartbreak (all you had to do was stay), and renewal (clean). Honestly, I think it is her best yet.


I had high hopes for this concert – and she lived up to all my expectations. She performed all but one song from her new album, plus some of her great older songs (i knew you were trouble, anyone?). I sang along to every. single. song. I must have looked like a maniac, dancing like no one’s watching. But honestly, if you can’t dance like no one’s watching, it’s just not a fun concert. My favorite performance throughout the concert was a mash-up of wildest dreams and enchanted. I’m all about the mash-up and these are two of my favorite songs from her. Plus, wildest dreams is her next single, so it was fitting that the performance was amazing.

The set was amazing – from the props to the lighting. When you walked through the doors, you were given a wristband, which made you a part of the concert. It lit up at different parts of the songs, with a wide range of colors. Now that the concert is over, a slight movement causes it to light up – so you could shake it off and remember the concert. I was also able to pick up some swag, including this muscle tee and cute drawstring bag.

Also, Taylor usually brings guests along to her concert and she had Fetty Wap perform trap queen and it was amazing. Also, Ciara and Russell Wilson showed up and Seattle, being huge fans of Russell, screamed their heads off. Plus, her opening acts, Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy, sounded amazing live.

Hands down, this has been the concert I have been to. If you ever get a chance to attend her concert, I would highly suggest going. You will dance, you will sing, and you will have the best time.

’til next time, xo!

reading: aziz ansari’s modern romance

reviewing modern romance by aziz ansari

I’m not gonna lie: I didn’t realize that Aziz Ansari’s new book, modern romance, was an actual book and not an autobiography. Don’t get me wrong: I love autobiographies and that’s why I bought this. It took about three sentences before I realized that this book was actually about modern romance, written with help from an anthropologist.

And guess what? It made it that much better. This book was (1) smart, (2) well-researched, and (3) funny as hell. There are charts. Hilarious pictures. Great anecdotes. And my favorite thing: data.

Ansari talks about something that I totally relate to: dating in the modern era, with all this technology and how it affects us. He covers topics of how marriage has changed, the world of online dating, and how different cultures view modern romance. There were times while I was reading where I completely related to what someone said they’ve been through.

But the best part about this book is it’s understandable. I don’t mean that in the way where he write simply, but he uses examples that are relevant to my generation. Emojis. The iMessage “…” when someone’s writing you a message. The dread when those dots go away. I’ve felt that pain and I’m sure many others have as well.

(Curse you, little dots! Curse you!)

My favorite part is when he talks about choice. It makes sense and really put my dating history into perspective for me. He did talk about The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz, so now I know the next book I’m picking up. Why we choose to do things is always a fascinating topic for me, especially when it’s about choosing (basically) your mate for life.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this book doesn’t cover the whole of modern romance – Ansari doesn’t cover much about dating in the LGBT community (and he does call that out) and it more about the middle-class than any other part of society. So if you’re looking for a book that talks specifically about those topics, this won’t be the book for you.

Other than that, I would suggest getting this book. I was actually laughing out loud, which is probably why I got so many weird looks while waiting for my latte at Starbucks. Plus, it’s always fun for me to read about human behavior – it’s such an interesting subject and he really humanized modern romance.

Go pick up your copy here!

’til next time, xo!

a movie lover’s dream: seattle’s cinerama

mixed popcorn from cinerama

I am a huge movie lover (as proven by my comic-con post), so one of the first things that I did when I moved to Seattle is find the closest movie theatres to me. There are several within walking distance (which might not be the best indicator, since I’m willing to walk quite a while for movies) and have tried a few of them throughout the last three months.

However, there has been one theatre that I been going back to is the cinerama. The Cinerama has a single screen, so they only show one movie at a time. Usually, it’s a blockbuster that’s available, but they also have special screenings. That means I’ve watched the big movies there: Avengers 2, Tomorrowland, Jurassic World, and Ant-Man. (I’m also planning on watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E in August.) If you’re a fan of smaller indie movies, I would suggest the Big Picture in Seattle, but they too only have limited engagements.

One of my favorite things about this theatre is that all the seats are reserved. You can purchase your tickets in advance and select your seats, which means you could arrive with just a few minutes to spare before the movie to hit the concession stand. Their website is just so beautiful and easy to book on your phone. This also means there’s no long queues and no waiting before a midnight release, which is not a fun experience.

Also, when you arrive at the theatre, it just smells absolutely delicious. They have a mixed butter and chocolate popcorn that wafts through the air and just makes you want to eat. all. the. popcorn. (Though, I could never finish a small bag.) Their concession has quite a few options – hot dogs, pretzels, and candy. Plus, they serve beer and cider, which is a huge plus. Nothing is better than a beer and pretzel while watching a movie. Plus, the pretzels are from a Brave Horse Tavern, which means your supporting a local business, and they are delicious.

The decor is also amazing. There are movie costumes in the lobby area, which adds a lovely touch. Also, everything about the place is clean – the restrooms, the seating, everything. I am a huge fan clean movie theatres. Speaking of seating, the seats are really comfortable. It’s plush and leather, with wide armrests. I’m all about wide armrests – I hate touching people I don’t know in movie theatres. There are also glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, which is so fun.

Movie viewing is great as well. It sounds and look phenomenal. It’s such a fun movie going experience. I have yet to find a time where I was disappointed in the quality of the movie. I’ve had my fair share of crappy movie experiences, so this is a great place to just enjoy the film.

If you’re ever in a hankering for a movie and delicious concessions, I would highly suggest giving Cinerama a go. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

What’s your favorite theatre in your hometown?

’til next time, xo!