2016 wrap-up: skin care favorites

2016 wrap-up: skin care favorites

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Whew, 2016 just flew by! I wanted to wrap up the year with my favorite products of the year. I’m starting with skin care and I will do a separate (longer) post on my makeup favorites. These are the things that I just absolutely adored this past year.

Let’s start off with my absolute favorite: mario badescu’s enzyme cleansing gel. I use this almost every time I cleanse my face. It has such a nice consistency and is extremely gentle, but you feel like your skin is cleaner after using it.

For moisturizer, I have been loving the belif aqua bomb. I received a sample size in my Sephora Play bag and fell in love instantly. It’s cooling and keeps my oily skin at the right moisture level. They do have a creamier version for my dry skin girls, as well!

To take off my makeup or for a quick cleanse, I rotate between wipes, micellar water, and cleansing gel. I love the neutrogena ultra-light cleansing oil when I’m wearing makeup. You really don’t need that much too take off your makeup and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily afterwards. And if I’m wearing a ton of makeup, I usually start off with a sephora cleansing & exfoliating wipeI alternate between the Coconut Water (soothing & relaxing) and the Green Tea (anti-blemish and mattifying) depending on how my skin is at the time.

For days where I’m not wearing a ton of makeup or just have some dirt buildup, I love the simple micellar water. I add a bit to a cotton round, swipe over my face, and it just lifts the dirt off. It’s so soothing and isn’t harsh on your skin.

Last, but not least, I love using masks of all varieties. My favorite mask for this year (not pictured) is the sephora sleep mask – they have so many varieties, but I love the green tea and pearl ones. They’re lightweight, very easy to use, and your skin just looks great in the morning. I use these about once or twice a week, depending on how my skin looks.

Honestly, 2016 is the first year where I really tried to take care of my skin and it has been helping! I suffer from less breakouts, my skin isn’t as oily, and overall been feeling confident about how it looks.

What are your favorite skin care items from this year?

’til next time, xo!

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